Tool Shed Brewing Company

Tool Shed Craft Beer Cans

Tool Shed’s unique beer can design was done by Elan Designs

Tool Shed Brewing Co was started in 2013 by Ghraham Sherman & Jeff Orr, 2 former IT guys from Calgary. They originally started brewing their own homebrew in Sherman’s tool shed (hence the name) but they have turned pro and are currently contracting to Dead Frog Brewery in BC to produce their current beer line-up. Their plans for the future include opening up their own microbrewery in Calgary as soon as possible.

Out of their 3 current beers there is at least one that will please any beer drinker. There is a People Skills Cream Ale which is a nice easy drinking beer that can be enjoyed on a patio; Red Rage Ale which has a great toasty & coffee flavour; and Star Cheek IPA which Albertan hop heads will be happy to have in their mugs.

Take a look at their site to find out more & where to find their beers Tool Shed Brewing Company

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