Amber’s Craft Beer

Amber's Sap Vampire Beer

Amber’s Sap Vampire – Maple Beer

Established in 2006, Amber’s Craft Beer is another Edmonton microbrewery. According to their philosophy, they started the brewery after finding a trunk full of old black & white photographs. These pictures were of a group of adventurous young Albertans from the 20’s and 30’s who traveled across North America on motorcycles.

They have a selection of beers with label designs that will remind the drinker of the era that inspired the brewers to start out on this path. These beers include Zombie Apocalypse, Pepper Barry Lager, Lunch Pail Ale, Sap Vampire Maple beer and a Chocolate Stout.


Amber’s beer is now brewed by <a href=””>Hog’s Head Brewing Company</a>.

Check them out online at Amber’s Craft Beer

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