Great Beer with a Personal Twist

I met the two founders of Alberta’s newest microbrwery, Tool Shed Brewing Company, at their craft beer tasting event hosted at Zyn Liquor Store in Inglewood, one of Calgary’s downtown neighbourhoods.

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Tool Shed’s Red Rage label as designed by Elan Designs.

Red Rage: One of the Best Red Ales that I have had

I had been looking forward to meeting Graham Sherman & Jeff Orr since I got my hands on a sixer of Red Rage Ale. I had also been following the news about this latest addition to the Alberta microbrewery scene and wanted to find out more about them.

The first thing to catch my attention was the stylish design that the Tool Shed beer cans feature. The striking colours and image tend to draw your attention towards them; they remind me of the covers for Grand Theft Auto or a graphic novel. Then you turn the can over and read the script on the back of the can and see that these guys have a sense of humour. Anyone who makes a Chuck Norris joke is okay in my books. However, I realized that these guys were really putting in the extra mile when I took a look at the underside of the beer can netting and saw this:

Craft Beer, Alberta Microbrewery, Calgary Microbrewery

No, thank you for brewing this Tool Shed!

To me this shows just how much effort these guys are willing to put into their craft. Anyone willing to take the time to write a personal message on the backs of their beer packaging is going to go the extra mile to make sure that they are producing a beer that meets their high, personal, quality standard.

Great Craft Beer from people who care

Speaking to Jeff & Graham at their beer tasting at Zyn confirmed this. These guys are really down to earth, like talking to your enthusiastic homebrewing buddies; but they are also really serious about brewing craft beer. I got to sample their other beers. These are: People Skills Cream Ale, a great patio beer that most anyone could enjoy; and Star Cheek IPA, since I am a true Hop Head this beer really caught my attention and will definitely be a constant in my beer fridge.

A Future Release from Tool Shed

While shooting the breeze with Tool Shed and enjoying their People Skills (pun was totally intended) I learnt that they have an upcoming Imperial Coffee Stout in the works. This stout is made with Phil & Sebastian Coffee and aged in bourbon barrels. Sherman remarked on how it has a 10% alcohol kick to it but that the flavour is so dominant that you don’t realize just how strong the beer is. Stouts are second to IPA’s in my favourite beer styles, so this is something that I am quite eager to get my hands on.

With the Calgary Oktoberfest this upcoming weekend I look forward to enjoying some more excellent craft beer and talking to these guys again about how their plans to open a brewhouse in Calgary are coming along.

Until the next time, cheers to local craft beer!

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