A view of Brewsters Brewing Company & Restaurant from outside

The Lanigan family started the Brewsters brewpub chain during 1989 in Regina, Saskatchewan. It expanded west into Alberta during the mid 90’s and currently has 6 locations in the Calgary area and another 4 in the Edmonton region. Brewsters brews their own craft beer to compliment their diverse culinary menu. They offer 10 beers in their regular line up and another selection of rotating seasonal beers to keep you on your toes.

If you want some more for later, you can always purchase some beer to go. This way you can bring some of their offerings back home and even share with your friends if you are feeling generous.

Find a location near you at Brewsters

Drummond Brewery

drummond Brewing Company Logo

The logo for the new Drummond Brewery

In 2009 Kevin Wood and Cody Geddes-Backman purchased the rights to an old Alberta brewery called Drummond Brewery. They are not connected to the previous brewery in any way whatsoever but they do offer canned lager brews at an economic price like their namesake did before them.

Their regular beers Beer Beer, Drummond Lager and Drummond Strong are seen often in Central Alberta but they can be purchased at some liquor stores in both Edmonton and Calgary as well.

Here is their website for more information: Drummond Brewery

Hog’s Head Brewing Company

Hog's Head Craft Beer, Alberta Microbrewery

Hog’s Head Brewing Company has a striking logo.

Hog’s Head Brewery is St. Albert’s first ever brewery. It started brewing up craft beer in 2012. The owner of the microbrewery, Brian Molloy, owns a liquor distribution company; so he is not new to the Alberta liquor game.

Death by Pumpkin, Baby Back IPA & Hopslayer IPA are some of the regular offerings that you can find on liquor shelves and in pubs across the province. Any brewery that makes a beer like Death by Pumpkin as one of their standard brews is going to push the limits of craft beer creativity, so I would keep tabs on them for future recipes with more adventurous flavours.

They are also brewing the Amber’s Brewing Co & Roughneck Beers out of the Hog’s Head Brewery.

Take a look at them online at Hog’s Head Brewing Company

The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company

Bear Paw Brewery

What a rustic looking Brewery! A view of The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company from outside.

Grizzly Paw started off as a brewpub in Canmore back in 1996. It quickly gained popularity among the local community and many people traveling to the Rockies. This popularity led to a microbrewery license in 2007 which gave them the ability to distribute three of their beers across the province. These beers are: Powder Hound Pilsner, Grumpy Bear Honey Wheat & Rutting Elk Red.

Grizzly Paw has continued to grow and has since opened up a new, larger, off-site brewery to handle their province-wide distribution. Their brewpub offers a wider variety of craft beers on tap with seasonal and specialty offerings available.

More information can be found on their website The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company

Norsemen Brewing Company

Norsemen Brewing Co

Norsemen Brewing Co tap handles, courtesy of THIRSTY WRITIN’ SCOUNDRELS Blog.

The Norsemen Brewing Company is a local brewpub in Camrose and is part of the Norsemen Inn. Norsemen Brewing Co brews small batches of craft beer using fresh ingredients like Alberta barley and specialty imported grains, with no added preservatives. The brewery is located on-site at the Norsemen Inn, so when you visit the taproom & bar you will be getting a mug of the freshest beer possible delivered to your table.

Their regular beer lineup is made up of Eric Red Lager, Longship Lager & Horned Helmet Wheat. Stop by the brewpub the next time you are in the Camrose area to try ’em out.

Fin out more by visiting them online at Norsemen Brewing Company

Ribstone Creek Brewery

ribstone Creek Brewery

Ribstone Creek Brewery beer cans

Ribstone Creek Brewery is located in Edgerton, near Edmonton and is an investor-owned microbrewery. The founding members recognized that there was a good market for quality, local craft beers in Alberta and decided to get some community investment behind them to do something about it. They purchased and renovated a historic building into a fully functional microbrewery which started distribution in 2012.

The demand for Ribstone Creek Lager led to an expansion to increase their brewing capacity. In 2013 a 2nd beer was added to their lineup, Bruckin’ Bronco IPA, which is brewed for a limited time only. Look for their lager on tap at some of the local pubs or on the shelves of your favourite liquor stores.

Visit them online at Ribstone Creek Brewery

Tool Shed Brewing Company

Tool Shed Craft Beer Cans

Tool Shed’s unique beer can design was done by Elan Designs

Tool Shed Brewing Co was started in 2013 by Ghraham Sherman & Jeff Orr, 2 former IT guys from Calgary. They originally started brewing their own homebrew in Sherman’s tool shed (hence the name) but they have turned pro and are currently contracting to Dead Frog Brewery in BC to produce their current beer line-up. Their plans for the future include opening up their own microbrewery in Calgary as soon as possible.

Out of their 3 current beers there is at least one that will please any beer drinker. There is a People Skills Cream Ale which is a nice easy drinking beer that can be enjoyed on a patio; Red Rage Ale which has a great toasty & coffee flavour; and Star Cheek IPA which Albertan hop heads will be happy to have in their mugs.

Take a look at their site to find out more & where to find their beers Tool Shed Brewing Company

Village Brewery

Village Brewery

Four packs of Village brewery’s regular beers.

It takes a village to raise a beer. Village Brewery’s saying truly does speaks volumes about the Calgary microbrewery. Village Brewery was started by some friends who shared the idea that a microbrewery that would support the local craftspeople & artists while creating fresh craft ales and lagers would be a great addition to the community. 10% of their beer sales are reinvested in local cultural events, arts & festivals to help grow the artistic community in Calgary. So check out a local show and sip a Village Blonde, Wit, Blacksmith or seasonal offering with your neighbours.

See more on Village Brewery by visiting their site.