Crispy Pork and Craft Beer at The Pig and Duke

House or apartment hunting is different for everyone. Having a good neighbourhood pub is one of the things that I look for when scouting out new areas to live. Luckily, Calgary has a bunch of pubs serving quality craft beer on tap. I recently went to the The Pig & Duke for a meal and a couple of pints and this neighbourhood pub is exactly the kind of local hang out that I look for.

Pig & Duke Pub, Craft Beer

The Pig & Duke: Bacon Lovers & Craft Beer Fans Unite!

I went to the Pig & Duke to check out a craft beer event that Kirk Bodnar of Beers ‘n Such gave me a heads up about. Kirk helped to organize a cask night that featured Village Brewery’s Blacksmith enhanced with sprigs of spruce that were soaked in Kraken Rum for one full year!  The results were well worth the wait.

Village Blacksmith, Alberta Craft Beer

The Village Blacksmith, a dark and hoppy brew.

Village Blacksmith is a great beer on its own. This Black IPA is a staple in my beer fridge because I enjoy the hefty dose of hops added to the rich, sweet flavours that come from the darker malts.

However, the infused flavour coming out of the cask brought this dark ale to a whole new level. This is exactly the type of experimentation that I love about craft brewers. These new flavour discoveries keep you on edge so that your palate never gets bored.

As great as the cask was, it was not the only noteworthy beer available at the pub. The Pig & Duke has a nice selection of local Alberta craft beers as well as craft beers from other Canadian provinces and other countries.

I ended up going with a pint of “Amarillo IPA” from Brew Brothers. This was a nice, big American style IPA made with a healthy dose of Amarillo Hops from the Pacific Northwestern US and good ol’ home grown Canadian barley malts.


Homer loved his pork products. Image courtesy of FanPop.

To complement the extensive craft beer list the Pig & Duke came up with a beauty of a menu. The really cool thing about their pub fare is that much of it revolves around pork products. Pig, like Homer Simpson said, is “a magical animal”. Pork chops, bacon, ham and baby back ribs all come from the pig. The Pig & Duke has a more creative selection of dishes than just those.

I ended up ordering the crisp pork belly because I had never tried it before and it sounds pretty fantastic.

I was not disappointed, those slices of pork were tender as hell but the fat (pork fat just tastes too damn good to be bad for you) was nice and crispy. The root vegetable puree and seasonal veggies on the side added a little shot of health food to my system and were perfect accompaniments.

If you crave things like bacon, then I am pretty confident that it’ll put a satisfied grin on your face.

It is fair to say that my first impression of the Pig & Duke was a good one. I plan on making it one of my regular pubs to grab a pint. And I will make sure to pop in every time there is another craft beer event hosted there!

Until next time, cheers to local craft beer!

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