National’s Battle of the Casks!

November is shaping up to be a good month in terms of cask ale. We had the Casks for a Cause recently which saw 12 cask ales (and 1 cask killa’) available for sampling. Next up National 17 will be hosting another awesome event for another great cause. So let’s talk about that for a minute.

The Creator


Here’s the lady behind the event, Chritina Bramburger, enjoying a delicious stout float.

Every event has someone behind it who came up with the idea. In this case that mastermind/beer lover/boozehound was the AGM at National 17, Christina Bramburger.

Christina came up with the idea during a brainstorming session with the team at National. What she wants to do is get the YYC craft brewing community together for a party to showcase their beer at National 17. Yes, there will be some friendly competition amongst the breweries but the focal point will be the comradery that exists between them.

The Battle

Winter Ale Cask-Off

My buddy and fellow CAMRA Alberta board member, Brett Hopper, came up with this poster for the event. This guy looks like he might kick your ass if you’re on the naughty list.

This Winter Ale Cask-Off will feature 5 Calgary microbreweries: Wild Rose , Village, Big Rock, Tool Shed, Last Best.  Alberta’s first nano brewery, Dandy Brewing Co.  And Grizzly Paw, our neighbours from Canmore.

There will be two types of judging taking place at the event. One will be a blind judging done by a panel of guest judges. The winner determined by this panel will be awarded the Battle of the Casks championship belt by CAMRA Alberta. The second style will be the fan favourite. This will come down to which cask ale is the most pleasing to the happy beer drinkers attending the event. It will be interesting to see if these two groups vote for the same cask ale.

Benefitting the Community


All proceeds will be donated to the Calgary Urban Project Society.

The proceeds from this event will be donated to CUPS (Calgary Urban Project Society). CUPS helps Calgarians overcome the challenges of poverty by providing integrated healthcare, education and housing services. A community focused event for a community focused charity.

I really enjoy these charitable beer events. I feel so much better about my drinking when I know that it is benefitting someone other than my party side 🙂

BYOV Brewers Edition

Disco Stu

I just like The Simpsons so I threw Disco Stu in here. Come on…he’s funny…right?

Once the tasting portion of the evening is done the party will continue with a BYOV (bring your own vinyl) brewers edition. This translates into all of the participating breweries bringing a couple of records to spin some tracks for the (now tipsy) people in attendance.

Something tells me that this is going to result in an eclectic mix of music & some pretty ridiculous dance moves (rumour has it that Dylan from Dandy does a great moonwalk).

So how do I go?

Tickets for the event cost $10 and this gets you a 5oz sample of all of the cask ales. These casks will be exclusive to ticket holders from 6-8 pm and then they are open to anyone at the bar who purchases a $2 tasting coupon. All of this money will be going straight to CUPS and National will be matching that amount as well so drink up!

You can grab a ticket right at the bar in person or email Christina at So let’s have some fun, help charity & salute our local craft brewers with a cheers to local craft beer!

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