Past and Present Imperial IPA

Recently an event took place in the Alberta craft beer scene that brought the past and present together for a new experience that will quench the thirst of the local craft beer community. If you’ve been reading my blog you may remember that I wrote a tribute to Brew Brothers when they decided to close their doors to the public. I later followed up with a post on the opening of Last Best Brewing & Distilling who took over the old Brew Brothers location on Electric Ave. Well the relationship between the old Brew Brothers crew & Last Best did not end there.  Many a pint has been shared between the two groups since then and they decided to brew an Imperial IPA together that’ll be filling pint glasses shortly.

So What Did They Brew?

They got together and brewed up an Imperial IPA (IIPA) for the occasion. One of my favourite Brew Brothers‘ beers was their Amarillo IPA. I am sure that some of you remember it as well because it was pretty friggin’ tasty! How could you not like those beautiful citrus, flowery & spicy aromas wafting up at you? Last Best Brewing & Distilling has their own take on an American style IPA with Last Best IPA; and ya it’s pretty awesome if you like how fruity, citrusy and fresh (I compare it to spring in a glass) those mosaic hops are. So it made sense for these two groups to pool their creativity and come up with an IIPA.


Here’s Josh marveling at some of the hops that were used during the brew.

This hop goddess will have a bouquet of Ella, Centennial & Simcoe (dry hopping with Simcoe is so good!) that should put a smile on your face. It rings in at 70 IBU so it has a little more hop-bitterness than either of the flagship IPAs that I mentioned earlier, but with a IIPA you want to have more of that quality coming through. That being said, the bitterness does not linger very long after your take a sip, it seems to fade quickly and finish quite dry in my opinion. I guess that the grain bill of pale, Munich & crystal did a good job of bringing some balance to the beer.

The ABV hovers at the 7.5% range which should do a pretty good job of warming you up. I mean who doesn’t want to find ways to warm up during the winter; especially during a month like January!

Community Involvement

Brad Ledrew lives in the Kensington area and is quite involved with the community over there. In fact, Brew Brothers used to provide beer for the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association (HSCA) events quite often.

Past & Present IIPA

Brew day at Last Best with the former Brew Brothers guys, representatives from the HSCA and fellow brewer Graham Sherman were also there to hang out.

Giving back to the community is quite common in the craft beer community. In my opinion this comes down to the fact that craft breweries are much smaller operations where the personal touch is still very much present in their day-to-day dealings. We’re not talking about massive “faceless” corporations here; often times you will see the owners, brewers, etc. talking to people and helping out at various events. In our own local community there are numerous examples of community involvement coming from microbreweries like Village, Big Rock, Tool Shed, et al.

The proceeds from sales of this IIPA will be going to the HSCA Community Food Program to show that the relationship between this community organization (and others of course) still exists even if the brewery has switched hands.

Remember people, drinking beer is great; but drinking it for a good cause is even better because it benefits people other than yourself (and in my case the amused bar patrons watching me).

The Launch P-A-R-T-Y!

IIPA launch at Midtown

Ya, there’s going to be a party to unleash this beast and ya, it’s gonna be a gooder. The launch party is going to happen at Midtown Kitchen & Bar (one of my favourite haunts) on January 29th from 5:00-9:00.

This is the perfect opportunity for all of you craft beer lovers to come out of hibernation, shake off that holiday hangover and come share some pints & good conversation. I can pretty much guarantee that it’ll be more fun than not coming to hang out 🙂  So come all ye hop heads and let’s raise a pint of IIPA to cheers the local craft beer community!

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  1. This sounds quite tasty. I would dispute the fact that this is a double IPA with an abv of under 8%. Most double IPA’s come in upwards of 9%. But it’s all semantics really. As long as it tastes good. I love the fact that the two groups are coming together!

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