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Here’s to drinking great craft beer, cheers!

Howdy beer hound, my name is Adam and I am a craft beer junkie. The first beer that introduced me to the world of real beer was Guinness. Once I realized how creative and flavourful beer could be there was no turning back to the flavourless swill that I had been pouring down my gullet in the past.

Before moving out west to Calgary, Alberta, I lived in the Montreal area.  Quebec, BC and Ontario all have sizable and well developed microbrewery scenes, but it was the incredible selection in Alberta liquor stores gave me the opportunity to explore the vast world of craft beer further. Some of my favourite microbreweries from back east are: McAuslan Microbrewery which produces an excellent Pale Ale & Oatmeal Stout; and Dieu du Ciel who brew Péché Mortel (Mortal Sin) which is a delicious Imperial Coffee Stout.  These guys also came out with some of the wildest beer recipe creations that I ever heard of.

Alberta has a great market for craft beer.  This is apparent from the beer festivals in both major cities: Edmonton Craft Beer Festival and Calgary International Beerfest.  As well the craft beer pubs that offer excellent selections of craft beer on tap like National 17, Bottlescrew Bill’s, Midtown and Beer Revolution.

That being said, I think that there should be more microbreweries operating from within Alberta.  There were some major regulatory hurdles which have now been changed, so the opportunities are out there now.  This blog is meant to spread the word on the craft beer revolution and to help raise awareness about the Alberta microbrewery scene.

Side Note

I should mention that I work for a craft beer import agency.  I am also an investor in some of the Alberta microbreweries.  However, this does not influence my writing in any way as this is a blog to promote the complete Alberta craft beer scene.  The more this grows, the better it is for everyone.  So basically the opinions expressed in my posts are solely my own.

The Cellar Dweller

Some of you have probably noticed that there have periodically been “guest posts” from other writers on my blog.  Recently my buddy Zach Wiskar decided to write more regularly for Western Suds.  This makes me happy because I have always wanted more beer lovers to get involved and help to spread the word about the local Alberta scene.

Zach aka the Cellar Dweller

Zach aka the Cellar Dweller

Zach is an award winning homebrewer and a major beer geek.  He has decided to mainly focus on ageing, or cellaring, certain beer (hence the nickname).  He will also periodically write about homebrewing.

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