What I am Excited About: An Update On Our Growing Scene

It has been a while since I have written a post about one of the new Alberta craft breweries. I think that my last one was on Trolley 5. So what I plan on doing here is to write a post on the new local breweries that I am particularly excited about. Continue reading

Macros and Micros and Nanos, Oh My!

The word is out that a teacher (Ben), a chemist (Derek), a baker/chef (Dylan) and one of their friends (anonymous at this time) have started Alberta’s very 1st nanobrewery: The Dandy Brewing Company . What I aim to do with this article is to shed some light on what this ground-breaking decision entails for craft beer in Alberta. Continue reading

Half Hitch Brewing Company

Half Hitch brewing Company

Watch for these Half Hitch Brewing beer bottles at the liquor store

Half Hitch Brewing Company is a family owned microbrewery located in Cochrane. Cochrane has a strong ranching connection and this local microbrewery chose its name to reflect this. The half hitch knot is used by cowboys to strengthen the security of many other knots. This brewery and pub is not yet up and running but you can follow them on Facebook & Twitter to see how their journey towards opening these up progresses.

Take a gander at their website for more news about how their development is progressing: Half Hitch Brewing Company

Amber’s Craft Beer

Amber's Sap Vampire Beer

Amber’s Sap Vampire – Maple Beer

Established in 2006, Amber’s Craft Beer is another Edmonton microbrewery. According to their philosophy, they started the brewery after finding a trunk full of old black & white photographs. These pictures were of a group of adventurous young Albertans from the 20’s and 30’s who traveled across North America on motorcycles.

They have a selection of beers with label designs that will remind the drinker of the era that inspired the brewers to start out on this path. These beers include Zombie Apocalypse, Pepper Barry Lager, Lunch Pail Ale, Sap Vampire Maple beer and a Chocolate Stout.


Amber’s beer is now brewed by <a href=”http://westernsuds.com/2013/09/21/hogs-head-brewing-company/”>Hog’s Head Brewing Company</a>.

Check them out online at Amber’s Craft Beer

Banff Avenue Brewing Company

Banff Ave Brewing Co growlers

Banff Ave Brewing Co growlers

This brewpub is one of three owned by Bear Hill Brewing Company.  The brewpub is located in what some consider Canada’s most stunning National Parks. This ensures that patrons of Banff Ave. Brewing Co. will enjoy some of the most beautiful nature in the country while sipping a pint of craft beer.  Banff Ave. prides itself in using glacial water to brew their beers and doing nothing to the water except removing the chlorine from it.  

Banff Avenue brews everything from Ale, to Stout and IPA for all of those hop lovers out there.  Make sure to enjoy some of their cuisine alongside your pint.

Find out more at Banff Avenue Brewing Company

Jasper Brewing Company

Jasper Brewing Co

Jasper Brewing Company logo

This was the first brewpub from Bear Hill Brewing Company and the first brewery to be located in one of Canada’s national Parks.  Jasper Brewing Co. opened their doors to the public in 2006. It follows the same philosophy of fresh, Canadian cuisine served alongside uniquely crafted beer that all Bear Hill Brewing Co. brewpubs do.

This is a great spot for locals to share a proper pint with the loads of tourists who travel to Jasper every year.

Take a look at their site for more info: Jasper Brewing Company

Wood Buffalo Brewing Company

Wood Buffalo Brewing Co

Wood Buffalo Brewing Company’s logo

Wood Buffalo Brewing Co. is the most recent addition to Bear Hill Brewing Co.’s stable. Established in 2013, it is one of the largest brewpubs in the whole country. Located in the heart of Alberta’s energy sector, Fort McMurray, Wood Buffalo Brewing gives the vast workforce a chance to relax and experience quality crafted beer and food with the local community. Make this brewpub a dining experience the next time that you are in Northern Alberta.

For more details check them out online: Wood Buffalo Brewing Company

Brew Brothers Brewery

brew brothers craft beer

Brew Brothers Brewery

The Brew Brothers Brewery is located right in the heart of downtown Calgary and has been brewing all natural beers since 1994. They offer three beers, Ambush Ale, Tumblewheat Hefe and Black Pilsner. All three are brewed with their special strings of yeast, hops imported from Europe & the US and top grade Canadian Prairie malted barley and wheat.

Besides their regular beers you can also sample some specialty offerings that they brew for AmsterDam Rhino and District pub in Calgary.

Check ’em out at Brew Brothers Brewery