Fresh Beer Brewed in Jasper

My National Park craft beer road trip weekend continued with a jaunt up to Jasper to visit the guys at Jasper Brewing Company. They are the original Alberta brewpub from Bear Hill Brewing Company.

Highway 93

The scenery off Highway 93 is incredible.

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Craft Beer At The Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival

Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Fest, Alberta Craft Beer, Craft Beer, Alberta Micorbreweries

The 16th Annual Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival

This Friday and Saturday, October 18-19, the BMO Centre will be hosting the 16th annual Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival. But don’t let the name of this event fool you. There will be more than just wine available for drinking alongside the many delicious creations from local food purveyors.

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Oktoberfest: A New Festival for Calgary

The Germans know what they are doing when it comes to celebrating beer, sausages and lively oompah bands. I attended Calgary’s first Oktoberfest festivities this past weekend and I’d have to say that Alberta Beer Festivals would have made King Ludwig I proud.

King Ludwig, Oktoberfest

Crown Prince Ludwig, 1807 by Angelica Kauffman

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Banff Avenue Brewing Company

Banff Ave Brewing Co growlers

Banff Ave Brewing Co growlers

This brewpub is one of three owned by Bear Hill Brewing Company.  The brewpub is located in what some consider Canada’s most stunning National Parks. This ensures that patrons of Banff Ave. Brewing Co. will enjoy some of the most beautiful nature in the country while sipping a pint of craft beer.  Banff Ave. prides itself in using glacial water to brew their beers and doing nothing to the water except removing the chlorine from it.  

Banff Avenue brews everything from Ale, to Stout and IPA for all of those hop lovers out there.  Make sure to enjoy some of their cuisine alongside your pint.

Find out more at Banff Avenue Brewing Company

Jasper Brewing Company

Jasper Brewing Co

Jasper Brewing Company logo

This was the first brewpub from Bear Hill Brewing Company and the first brewery to be located in one of Canada’s national Parks.  Jasper Brewing Co. opened their doors to the public in 2006. It follows the same philosophy of fresh, Canadian cuisine served alongside uniquely crafted beer that all Bear Hill Brewing Co. brewpubs do.

This is a great spot for locals to share a proper pint with the loads of tourists who travel to Jasper every year.

Take a look at their site for more info: Jasper Brewing Company

Wood Buffalo Brewing Company

Wood Buffalo Brewing Co

Wood Buffalo Brewing Company’s logo

Wood Buffalo Brewing Co. is the most recent addition to Bear Hill Brewing Co.’s stable. Established in 2013, it is one of the largest brewpubs in the whole country. Located in the heart of Alberta’s energy sector, Fort McMurray, Wood Buffalo Brewing gives the vast workforce a chance to relax and experience quality crafted beer and food with the local community. Make this brewpub a dining experience the next time that you are in Northern Alberta.

For more details check them out online: Wood Buffalo Brewing Company



A view of Brewsters Brewing Company & Restaurant from outside

The Lanigan family started the Brewsters brewpub chain during 1989 in Regina, Saskatchewan. It expanded west into Alberta during the mid 90’s and currently has 6 locations in the Calgary area and another 4 in the Edmonton region. Brewsters brews their own craft beer to compliment their diverse culinary menu. They offer 10 beers in their regular line up and another selection of rotating seasonal beers to keep you on your toes.

If you want some more for later, you can always purchase some beer to go. This way you can bring some of their offerings back home and even share with your friends if you are feeling generous.

Find a location near you at Brewsters

The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company

Bear Paw Brewery

What a rustic looking Brewery! A view of The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company from outside.

Grizzly Paw started off as a brewpub in Canmore back in 1996. It quickly gained popularity among the local community and many people traveling to the Rockies. This popularity led to a microbrewery license in 2007 which gave them the ability to distribute three of their beers across the province. These beers are: Powder Hound Pilsner, Grumpy Bear Honey Wheat & Rutting Elk Red.

Grizzly Paw has continued to grow and has since opened up a new, larger, off-site brewery to handle their province-wide distribution. Their brewpub offers a wider variety of craft beers on tap with seasonal and specialty offerings available.

More information can be found on their website The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company