OC Brewmaster’s Irish Wrist Watch & The 2015 Alberta Beer Festivals

Spring has arrived and everyone seems to be getting geared up for BBQs and patio sitting. Along with all of this outdoor fun comes something that craft beer lovers know & adore….Beer Festival Season! I stopped by Craft Beer Market for the launch of this year’s Alberta Beer Festivals beer to find out what we can expect to see once we flood through those doors to start sampling some delicious brewskis. Continue reading

YYC International Beerfest was a Blast! Next up: YEG Craft Beer Festival

If the BMO Centre seems strangely quiet recently it is probably because the Calgary International Beerfest has come and gone. I was able to take it in both as a volunteer (an experience that I highly recommend to any passionate beer fans) and as a spectator (read beer drinker ). I know that lots of you showed up and had a blast but I want to put a few of my highlights down here just for the record. So bear with me. Continue reading

OC Beerfest #10 Browning Street

Spring is here and with it comes nicer weather, greener landscapes & not having to wear 20 pounds of clothes when you go outside! But there’s something else that comes with this change of season, something that beer geeks like me get even more excited about. Beerfest! And judging from the crowd that I saw at Craft Beer Market to launch a beer brewed by Olds College in honour of Calgary’s very own beerfest, I am not the only guy out there getting geared up for May. Continue reading