Talking Alberta Craft Beer with Kent Paterson

Attending craft beer festivals pays off! Like I mentioned in my post on the Kananaskis Craft Beer Fest not only do you get to taste premium beers, you get to meet a lot of interesting people. One of the guys that I spoke to at the festival was Kent Paterson, the head brewer at Banff Avenue Brewing Company. Kent told me that he was coming to Calgary on Saturday so we got to hang out for a while to talk about Banff Ave. and the craft beer scene in Alberta.

Nightrider RCDA,  Craft Beer

Nightrider RCDA a joint creation from Banff Avenue Brewing Co. & Terrapin Brewing Co.

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Jasper Brewing Company

Jasper Brewing Co

Jasper Brewing Company logo

This was the first brewpub from Bear Hill Brewing Company and the first brewery to be located in one of Canada’s national Parks. ┬áJasper Brewing Co. opened their doors to the public in 2006. It follows the same philosophy of fresh, Canadian cuisine served alongside uniquely crafted beer that all┬áBear Hill Brewing Co. brewpubs do.

This is a great spot for locals to share a proper pint with the loads of tourists who travel to Jasper every year.

Take a look at their site for more info: Jasper Brewing Company